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Van Conversions

Each year we carry out hundreds of conversions on vehicles both large and small

Van Conversions

Cheshire-based VCL is one of the world's most progressive and innovative vehicle conversion companies - a true one-stop shop for customisation. Providing customer satisfaction is its top priority and many local councils, utility companies and even military authorities turn to VCL in search of specific adaptations and quality craftsmanship.

The following represents just a small part of VCL's work.

Innovation and functional design

When a world famous Hollywood movie director goes out in search of new locations he is given a helping hand by our people at VCL because his favourite method of transport is a modified Mercedes van that carries his mobile film editing suite, with room for both actors and technicians.

Meanwhile a separate film crew is on the busy streets of London asking the great British public to discuss social issues as part of an internet project – again in a vehicle prepared for the task by VCL's craftsman.

The bespoke nature and flexibility of our designs means passenger vehicles are so varied they can be customised for use by almost anyone and for virtually any purpose. They can be basic or plush, utilitarian or ultra-chic.

One of our top sellers is a customised Mercedes vehicle suitable for eight passengers that is currently used by rock groups and travel companies. These come equipped with mod-cons such as reclining leather seats, air conditioning and TV sets.

Another design is suitable for work gangs who require a mobile mess room, with comfortable seating, drop down tables, toilets and kitchen areas. These have proved popular with builders, plumbers and other tradesmen such as road and rail workers.

But it's not unusual to see more highly specified versions – often used by media, music and IT organisations – to carry 40-inch television sets, video booths, X-boxes and Wiis.

One of VCL's most-seen vehicles is a van that has been converted into a mobile exhibition centre. It can be spotted at concerts, shows and festivals across the UK.

In contrast, outreach vehicles have been created for use by organisations wishing to take awareness campaigns related to drink, drugs and road safety out to the public. One of VCL's vehicles is on the road searching for families wishing to become foster parents.

We have also created mobile meeting places, motor homes, workshops and mobile computer classrooms. If it can be built, VCL can do it.


VCL's van conversions can accommodate between 2 and 16 passengers and can involve the addition of wheelchairs. Every requirement can be catered for.

The company has adapted vehicles for many local authorities as well as organisations including the National Association for the Blind, the Seafarer's Association and Age Concern.

Vans of various sizes are far more manoeuvrable and cost-effective than the traditional method of adapting coaches.

Small vehicles, for example, can accommodate up to eight passengers or four with two wheelchairs. Larger vehicles may take up to 16 passengers, or six and two wheelchairs.

VCL is always willing to discuss individual requirements. Call or email us to find out how we can assist you.

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